An Introduction to OYF Far Infrared Yoga & Fitness and Our Workout Philosophy

We at OYF Far Infrared Yoga & Fitness are excited to announce we will soon be opening our doors in New Zealand. We’re excited to get to know you and welcome you to our classes very soon, but before that day comes, we’d love to introduce ourselves so you know a little about what we do at OYF, what we stand for, and what fitness and wellbeing opportunities we can bring to you. 

Our OYF Community

We know you have a lot of options of how to get in your daily movement. Especially in a location as beautiful and filled with so many active individuals as New Zealand, you might be wondering what you need a workout studio for. We’ll always support getting outside to workout. The benefits speak for themself. But what we can offer you at OYF Far Infrared Yoga & Fitness is a third place and a new community to complement your time in the fresh air or however you’re currently getting your body moving. 

Third places, as defined by Oxford Reference, are  “community meeting spaces such as cafés, pubs, and village halls which are neither domestic nor work spaces”.  Our studios, as somewhere outside your home and workplace, can serve as another location where you can build a safe community and feel comfortable spending time. The idea behind the third space is spending time focusing on “human connection” is essential, as explained by UNESCO. A focus on cultivating connection is a key tenet of our work at OYF, and you will feel it from the moment you walk in the door. 

Our studio owners, instructors, and employees have all bought into the OYF brand because they believe in the power of our classes and our community. And while we definitely think our classes are worth coming into the studio for in their own right, when you talk to our members and employees all around the world, we think you’ll find they’re most passionate about the community. From the smiling faces at check in, to the instructors committed to working together with you and your goals, to your fellow classmates you can bond with through classes and community building events, the spirit imbued in our brand is palpable at every class. Not to mention, working out with a community can help keep you motivated in sticking to your workout goals. 

Far Infrared Workouts 

Aside from our community, one of our favorite parts of our studios has to be the far infrared heat, because of the benefits it brings. Infrared heat is a type of radiant heating, which means it imbues heat directly to you instead of pushing it through the air as it would be in a traditional hot yoga studio.  Infrared heating is thought to improve flexibility during workouts, as well as being hypoallergenic, unlike some other heating options. In addition, hot yoga in general has been suggested to preserve bone mass as we age, contribute to heart health, and help regulate blood sugar levels. Come try one of our heated classes for yourself to see what a difference the infrared heat makes to your workout experience. 

Class Variety 

When you check out your local studio schedule, you’ll likely notice our expansive class options. In fact, we have over 16 different class styles, blending together yoga, cardio, boxing, strength training and so much more. It’s important to us to offer a variety of class options for a couple of reasons. First, we want to make sure you can find the perfect class for your preferences and workout goals. If you want a high energy class to wake you up and get your blood pumping, we’ve got it. If you want a chance to lean into your breathing and meditation during a slower yoga practice, we’ve got that too. In addition to making sure we’ve got your favorite classes covered, we want to be sure you have plenty of options for cross training and adding variety to your workout routine. Adding variety to your workout routine helps create more progress towards your workout goals, as well as giving you a chance to experience something new and challenge your mind and body in a community where you already know you’re safe and supported. 

If you’re ready to try out some of our classes, see our community firsthand, and experience an infrared heated experience, check out our offerings near you and get your first week for under $20.