What Class to Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We’re proud to have a lot of classes to choose from here at OYF Far Infrared Yoga & Fitness because we think this allows everyone to find their personal favorite. If you’re not sure which class you want to try first, read on to find your Zodiac sign class pairing. We’ve considered every sign’s strengths and the focus of each of our classes to give you a guide to the class we think you’ll love based on your Zodiac sign. 

Aquarius: For the community-oriented Aquarius, we think the perfect class to try is one that they can ensure any friends and family they want to invite to class with them will love too. Hatha Yoga, a class perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners, is a place where you can continue your fitness journey and those of your loved ones at the same time, no matter how different of paths you are on. 

Pisces: Hot Yoga Freedom Flow opens by connecting the mind to your breath, which we think will be the perfect opener to class for the spiritually guided Pisces. The class continues with a flow focused on taking one breath per movement, focusing on increasing strength and flexibility in the body and mind. 

Aries: Hot Total Body Conditioning is an intense class, which is why we think its well suited to the challenge-loving aries. The class alternates from cardio to strength training which will help ensure they never get bored, and can keep your caloric burn going even after class finishes. 

Taurus: For lovers of aroma-filled spaces and serene environments like the Taurus, nothing can beat our Hot Candlelight Deep Stretch and Relaxation classes. The slower pace of movements in the class will allow time for consideration of how your body moves through each and every pose, while the warm infrared studio and candle-lit environment will create the peaceful environment of your dreams. 

Gemini: In our hot 20/20/20 class, you get a little bit of everything. The class opens with 20 minutes of cardio, transitions into 20 minutes of strength, and ends with 20 minutes of stretching. This diversity of options is perfect both for the Gemini’s strength as a generalist with some knowledge about everything and for their interest in exploring multiple passions. In this class they can try and learn about everything.  

Cancer: We know our Cancer friends love a foundation of strength and have the talent for seeing things from a different viewpoint. Thats why we think they’ll love Hot Yoga Rise & Shine. Getting into the studio first thing in the morning will let them start there days off on the right foot and leave them going into their day with their hearts open and intentions set, giving them the peace and openmindedness to see things a new way. 

Leo: For any of us with a passion for performing, dance classes can be a great place to let ourselves shine. Leos can bring that passion into their workouts in our Hot Barre Fusion classes, a ballet-inspired class with a mix of hard-core pilates and Athletics style yoga mixed in. 

Virgo: The Virgos unparalleled ability to work hard and remain practical while honing in on small details will come in exceptionally useful in an intense class like Hot Fast & Furious Fusion. The dynamic class works your entire body while blending pilates and yoga, keeping energy high throughout the class. It can certainly offer a challenge, but it will leave plenty to practice and continue to improve upon. 

Libra: Libras have the talent of seeing the big picture and of seeing things from multiple perspectives, which is why we think they’ll have a special appreciation for our Hot Yang Yin Yoga class. The class has a powerful combination of masculine and feminine energies as it moves between stretching and strengthening. 

Scorpio: In our Hot Box Fusion class, Scorpios can safely externalize any desire they may have to guard themselves while diving into a challenging workout. The class is a high-intensity combination of shadow boxing, kickboxing, fusion, core, and cardio. 

Sagittarius: Adaptable and flexible, Sagittarius’ can keep building on their strengths in our Hot Core-lates classes. If you’re looking to build a strong fitness foundation, taking the time to strengthen each and every muscle in your body so that you can succeed in any class you decide to partake in, the core stability this class builds will be invaluable. 

Capricorn: Hot Power Core is an intense class, using various equipment in a high energy workout with pilates and yoga-style exercises incorporated. But, we think the hardworking and persistent Capricorn is up for the challenge. The intensity will likely lead to results no matter your fitness goals, so for goal-oriented Capricorns the effort might just be worth the reward. 

Whether you feel more aligned with the class we’re paired with your Zodiac sign or a different one completely, we hope you’ve found a class that sparks your interest in this list and we’ll hope to see you in a studio near you soon!